Wednesday, July 5, 2017


You know I recently discovered non-dairy yoghurt, and I am in love! I missed eating yoghurt for a long time because it reminds me of my childhood, but I would always experience weird mood swings after consuming it (usually crying episodes) so I stayed away. Well, childhood delight and no more tears with FAUXGURT (FAUXGHURT if you believe in the British monarchy)! I think/hope I invented that word. (Side note: I recently heard a nice new word for non-dairy ice cream: NICE CREAM!! YEAAAH!)

So by now I've tried the following, and here are my brief thoughts about each:

Blueberry Forager Cashewgurt - Sweet and delish with a really nice almost gummy bear texture

Strawberry Forager Cashewgurt - Same as above.  I'll add that I like how the label is paper and you can remove and recycle the plastic and paper separately.

Unsweetened Plain Forager Cashewgurt - a little bland, but great if you are adding to sweetened granola or something to make a parfait because the texture is there, and it lets the granola add the flavor (I ate it with cranberry granola.  Delish!!

Strawberry Kite Hill Almond Milk Yogurt -  I could tell this is almond based, which was distracting for me. My husband did not mind at all (he enjoys almond based NICE cream too, so

Blueberry Kite Hill Almond Milk Yogurt - same as above, I just couldn't get into it.

Blueberry So Delicious Yogurt Alternative (coconut based) Delish, also has a nice smooth texture like the cashewgurts.  I don't love the shape of the cup though, as I feel like miniscule drops of delicious fauxgurt get trapped in the bottom and I want to squeege that cup clean with my spoon!

Cocoyo Coconut Yogurt - this is the most "sour" of the bunch, like plain dairy yoghurt, which I also love.  The jar I had was a little fizzy and tasted a little tingly like kombucha, so I wasn't surprised that it's made by the same folks that make kombucha.  I assume this is all the live probiotics that is making this so good for you.  This is very rich and creamy, definitely couldn't finish a whole jar in a single sitting which made the resealable jar nice.  I also like that the jar is glass and it makes a great container to wash out and reuse in the kitchen for green juice, spices or whatever you have around afterward.

So my pick out of all these is... Blueberry Cashewgurt!  2nd up, Cocoyo, third is So Delicous.  Kite Hill I can pass on, but by all means if you love almonds that is the one for you.  Go forth and enjoy!!!

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