Saturday, June 7, 2014


BREAKING NEWS: Harvard University Experts have confirmed that one of their library books is bound in human skin.

Creepy? YES! Is it creepy that tons of other everyday objects are made out of dead animal skin? YES!!!!

Sometimes when I look at a purse or a leather chair or something, I just get weirded out, especially when it is extra-leathery-textured, or it looks like you can see what part of the animal it came from.  It's weird to think about my skin up against corpse skin.  It blows my mind that companies continue to market leather as a "luxury" item, when really it's just archaic.  People made stuff out of leather hundreds of years ago because there was nothing else around, today it is a luxury to have alternatives! The worst is car manufacturers who put leather seats in their cars because it gets super hot when you parke in the sun, and then even after the car cools off you get sweaty and stick to the seat... EW EW EW EW EEEWWWWW!!  Same goes for airline seats.

Take a dead animal, soak its skin in super toxic chemicals, and then put it as close to your body as possible. Or carry your belongings around in it. Or wrap your feet up in it.  What a weird world.